The Bug Wars

Protect our planet from invading mosquitoes!!

Think you know everything about bugs?
You must protect our planet from invading mosquitoes.

Kill all the invaders in more than 99 levels of pure action and protect our planet.
But be careful, the invaders do not come alone.
The Mega Boss are at the end waiting for you. They are real tough guys so you have to work hard to kill them while they throw you thousands of killer gangs.
Crush the mosquitoes and do not let anyone alive or they will expend all your vital force.
But you are not alone, you will always find help to recover and not die during the battle.
What will you find in this game?

-Hundreds of invading gangs
-Superpowered enemies
-Stunning graphics
-Global ranking - Become the world's number one!
-Addictive, destructive and fun
And all for free

Ask not what the planet can do for you, ask what you can do for the planet
Turn your mobile phone on and get ready to be the number one