Vamp Hunt

Protect the human race from the vampires and squash them!

New moon has arrived, and the vampires have gone out of their graves to suck the blood of their victims.
Only you, the vampire hunter, can stop the end of human race.
Remember that vampires are treacherous and they will try you to join them throwing poisoned bottles. So do not break the bottles if you don't want to become one of them and get lost forever in the darkness.
What is the best of Vampire Hunter?
- Multiple scenarios that force you to prove that you're not afraid of anything.
- The hardest vampires will try to drain all the blood of your body.
- Head vampires who will not give you a respite
- Compete with your friends to show that you are the world's number one
- Action and fun
What are you waiting for? Humanity needs a new hero. Vampire hunter, we are waiting for you!

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